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Online Reputation Management FAQ

  • What is reputation management?
    Reputation management is the exertion of influencing what and how people think of your brand when they see you online. Reputation is different from character. Character is who you are, while reputation is what other people think you are. Reputation is what Google or other search engines portray about you instead of the first-person experience. The goal of reputation management, another name is ORM, is to shape people’s opinions about a person or business.
  • The company’s online image is the first thing that its customers, clients, and stakeholders look at when they consider using the business. Customers do their research online before making any purchasing decisions. When it comes to the local businesses, it involves reading reviews by the customers and using those reviews to decide where your company stands and determine if you are the best for their needs. Failing to manage your online reputation means you are losing your sales and ROI.
  • There is great confusion between defamation and libel. Defamation means when the words or other content of any person/company cause damage to another person/company. On the other hand, libel is when those words are written somewhere that hurts the reputation of a person or brand. Libel is a method of causing defamation.
  • If a business has any negative or out-dated content on Google, its online reputation can be improved and managed through various methods. The combination of public relations techniques and advanced SEO marketing strategies is employed to create positive content. This works effectively in creating a positive page on Google. Reputation management works by identifying negative online content, removing those contents, and enhancing positive content visibility.Some of the common ways of creating positive content include press releases, social media management, blog posts, review management, optimizing websites, and many more.
  • Yes, it is possible. Most of the search results are possible to change. But, all negative sentiment is not possible to remove completely. In simple words, we can say that a bad story on a local online newspaper is possible to remove rather than a negative article on some global newspaper. If there are a few, the negative reviews can be removed, and star-ratings can be changed. But, if your brand has thousands of reviews, the reviews change is possible, but it takes much time. The search result can be changed and improved easily. Always keep in mind that Google reacts great to highly optimized online content.
  • The cost of reputation management ranges from $3,000 one-time to $15,000 or more per month. This price varies depending on various factors as well as the desired results. Each reputation management campaign and its created strategies are different, hence, its cost as well.
  • There are some changes to search results that can be performed in only a few days, such as removing a page. In comparison, some changes take weeks and even years in severe situations. The time to change the search results varied based on various factors. It also depends on the campaign created to change a particular search result.